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Menu Suggestions for Breakfast
Here is a sampling to whet your imagination.  Presented individually or as a buffet.

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Continental  (items available singly or arranged as you may specify)
Fresh fruit assortment, sliced
Pastries: Danish, strudel, croissant
Sweet rolls, Cinnamon rolls
Muffins, quick breads
Bagels, with Spreads (butter, jelly, cream cheese)
Juices, assorted
Coffee, with Accompaniments
Scrambled eggs and Omelets

Quiche & Frittata
Tomato, sausage, black olive, basil
Bacon, onion, rosemary
Ham, asparagus, Swiss cheese, savory
Spinach, bacon, Feta cheese, dill
Broccoli, cauliflower, Gruyere cheese, thyme

Casserole & Strata
Ham, onion, Cheddar cheese
Sausage, potato, Pepper-Jack cheese
Beef, tomato, onion, chilis, cilantro
Chicken, prosciutto, mushroom, sage

Asparagus, mushroom, Gruyere cheese, with Bechamel (white) sauce 
Shrimp, crab, mushroom, onion, Fontina cheese
Salmon, onion, tomato, with Dill-cream sauce

Hash Brown potatoes
Sausage, Ham, or Bacon
Smoked Salmon