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Our Team

Tony Ficaro, Executive Chef and Owner

Tony embarked on his culinary career in 1975 when he and his brother decided to open a sandwich shop on Paulding Road in Fort Wayne. Back then, "East Coast" style grinders weren't well-known in Fort Wayne, and the little sandwich shop quickly became a popular destination for the hungry lunchtime crowd.

After a year, Tony's brother left the business, but Tony decided to keep things moving ahead in the restaurant business. In 1981, he opened Figaro's restaurant on Harrison Street, and the Figaro's name is still widely known in Fort Wayne, with a reputation for unique, tasty dishes. In 1990, Tony decided to move the business in the catering direction, as he saw a distinct need for quality catering in the area. That's when Splendid Fare began offering specialized catering services.

Today, Tony is the heart and soul of Splendid Fare and known locally for his signature style. He directly works with each client to ensure a wonderful, customized experience and first-class food. "Splendid Fare is dedicated to making food that not only tastes exceptional, but looks amazing," he says. "We want clients to feast with the eyes and nose before they feast with the mouth."

Tina Braden, Catering Production

Tina has been in catering for 15 years. She specializes in cold food items, including creating truly artful fruit and vegetable trays. "I love making the trays look pretty and drawing attention to the food," she says.

Tina is passionate about working on the Splendid Fare team because she has the distinct opportunity to learn many different ways to cook and prepare food. She also loves satisfying clients and offering them a different catering experience.

"The most complimentary thing a customer has ever said to me was that our food not only tasted great, but the presentation was beautiful and it was amazing what we can do with food!" Tina says.

Tina says her goal is to constantly better herself in the company so Splendid Fare can attract even more new customers who will love the food.